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Denise Wild's Sewing Studio

Denis Wild's Sewing Studio is a specialty program like you’ve never seen before — a dynamic, engaging sewing workshop that breaks the creative mold! The Sewing Studio’s stereotype-busting team helps students succeed, teaching kids (starting as young as 4 years old!) how to sew with a focus on confidence, mindfulness, equity, and inclusion. 

Mentors guide each child through comfortably using a sewing machine and completing a project from start to finish, all while motivating and inspiring kids, helping them gain confidence, and helping them develop their growth mindset.

Not only does sewing get kids hands-on and help them flex their creative muscles,

it also helps them feel joyful, mindful, and focused. 

We're bringing back a lost art, teaching a valuable life skill, and changing the face of sewing.

When you bring this specialty workshop to your daycare, Denise Wild's Sewing Studio brings to your children:

- energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration

- a team of four (or more) highly skilled mentors

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