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Sam Collins 

Registered Early Childhood Educator

I have worked with MeLor for a few months now and everything about the experience has been great. Laura and Melissa really care about their employees and the childcare centers they service. They are very accommodating with working around my schedule to ensure I can have the flexibility I need and they offer services to many centers in the GTA which opens up many opportunities! I would definitely recommend working with MeLor to anyone who is interested.

Sasha Rosa

Early Childhood Professional

MeLor is establishing a staffing agency that cherishes both clients and staff by allowing a genuine, understanding and diligent work environment for everyone to be in.

Laura and Melissa, owners of MeLor, work towards the satisfaction of both childcare centres and staff. As someone that works with MeLor, I can guarantee anyone that wishes to associate with the agency of an easy going and open minded setting in this particular field. I look forward to keep working with MeLor!

Nicole Anderson-Carr

I just registered with MeLor Childcare Staffing Agency, they are super helpful and understanding. allowing me to work when available and double checking on information. Definitely will recommend future ECAs or ECEs to them.

Kimberly Kiko

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Maybe I was lucky, but they contacted me through my LinkedIn profile (it did say currently looking for a job even though I had one at a corporate private childcare center) and after a phone interview, I was working with them by the next day. Thank you MeLor Childcare Staffing Agency :D

P.S: I do have over 7 years experience working in the ECE field, but because my certificate was rejected by Ontario's RECE association, I can only work as an ECA until I go back to the school (for the 3rd time...).

I understand that this is what happens when my family moves from one country to another.

Tom JS

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Melor is a very fair and awesome company which provides supply staff lots of opportunities in lots of settings with regard to plenty of centres, various age groups and professional environment. Laura is very kind and knows how to handle a situation well. Especially, I am very impressed by her great mindset as well. I want to say thank you for knowing this company. I am sure that everyone in Melor thrives in a great way !

Jessica Marie

Registered Early Childhood Educator

It is with a great respect that I recommend MeLor Childcare Staffing Agency. Both Melissa and Laura are highly professional and dedicated to building a business that puts the needs of its employees and clients ahead of their own. It is their passion for the field of early child education and care that sets them apart from other similar agencies. Their support and confidence in myself as a RECE is the sole reason as to why I wanted to work for MeLor. Melissa and Laura have created the framework that allows MeLor to be a business that is on the rise in the GTA!

Mahshid Amiri

Early Childhood Professional

MeLor is awesome. I am working with this agency and I believe it is very organized and MeLor has kind staff. I suggest it for all those who work with children!