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We are committed to providing highly qualified Registered Early Childhood Educators and Assistants to support our clients' needs.

Children's safety is our top priority.



Why Choose Monkey Movers?!

Simple...... We come to you! Our fun physical literacy activities are brought to your location for your

kiddos to enjoy. We provide convenient hassle free onsite solutions for all of our clients.

We attend Schools, Childcare Centers and Camps on a weekly, bi weekly, monthly and annual basis

providing top notch Gymnastics, Dance and Fitness classes to children ages 1-10 years old on our

enjoyable and unique Gym Bus. We create a fun non-competitive, safe and encouraging

environment where each child can reach their full potential.

Our physical literacy activities promote motor development and set the foundation for success in ALL sports

The Gym Bus

Gym Bus classes take place on a retrofitted, 40ft school bus.The Bus is equipped with padded walls,

climbing bars, balance beams, rings, zip line, mini trampoline, single bar and many other assorted

gymnastics equipment.

Our Gym Bus caters to ages 18 months - 10 year. Our Buses can accommodate up to 16 kids at a

time in a 30 - 60 minute class.

Gym Bus classes are designed to introduce the sport of gymnastics through organized play, games

and gymnastics specific circuits. Each class consists of a warm-up game and light stretch. Children

rotate through various creative and challenging instructional gymnastics circuits ending with an

organized game and cool down.

The Gym Bus is brought to your facility so students can benefit from this great physical literacy

program without taking up space in your facility.

Gym Bus programs serve as a great change of scenery for students recharging them for classroom


We operate all year round! Our buses are equipped with heat and air condition to keep our students

comfortable. No transportation required.

Monkey Movers Academy

We offer curriculum and extra-curricular based programs that follow the Health & Physical

Education(HPE) and Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines(Ophea).

Classes are structured with progressive lesson plans coordinated with different monthly

themes. Skills are taught through a step by step progression starting with the easiest to the more

advanced skill.

At the end of a gymnastics session a detailed progress report is handed out to each participant

showcasing all the skills they have developed. At the end of a dance session a routine is

performed to family and friends.

Gym Bus Workshops

Looking for a unique onsite field trip to entertain your students? Look no further, the Gym

Bus provides an array of activities. We can customize activities to meet your daycare, school, camp

or special event needs.

This is a great introduction to the Gym Bus Program without the commitment!

Classes take place onsite at your child care center or school in the gymnasium or classroom. We can

operate in an area as small as 300 sq. ft.

Onsite | Yoga Tree

Our Yoga Tree classes teach young people the skills they need to look after their

whole being.

An emphasis is placed on educating, exercising and empowering each child as

we explore traditional yoga poses in a fun creative way. Each class is a mixture of

breathing exercises, songs, movement, stories, games, and an introduction to