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Mindful Little Things is a children’s wellness program created to promote healthy childhood

development through yoga, art and mindfulness activities.

Our Vision:

● Support and teach children how to recognize and regulate their emotions

● Engage and encourage kindness, respect, and healthy connections to oneself and others

● Encourage positive thinking, support the development of a growth mindset, and improve self esteem and confidence

● Provide children with play experiences that foster coordination, balance, flexibility, strength

and muscle development

● Inspire the future generation to be kind, confident, and resilient humans

About Our Programs:

Our programs are guided by 3 deeply rooted principles: Movement, Connection, and


• Movement: Yoga encourages children to listen to their bodies, focus, relax, and regulate their behavior. Yoga allows children to be naturally present in the

moment, while feeling safe, supported and empowered in a non-competitive

and non-judgmental environment. Through our programs, we foster healthy,

life-long habits by sharing yoga and mindfulness practices that support children’s

physical, mental, and emotional development.

• Connection: Every human has a perception of the world around them, and as children grow their perception grows. Providing children with authentic and gentle guidance, and the opportunity to freely explore allows them to connect with themselves, connect with others, and connect with the world around them.

Through our programs, we encourage character development, self regulation,

positive relationships, and global awareness.

• Expression: Children’s ability to naturally imagine, create and play inspire them

to trust in their ideas and think outside the box. The process of imagining,

creating, and playing encourages self-discovery, and identity formation. 

We foster children’s imagination, stimulate creativity, and support play through

meaningful experiences that empower each child’s unique soul to shine.

Programs Offered:

● Creative Expression Workshops (creative writing, expressive dance, jewelry making, canvas

painting, collaging and multimedia, mandala making)

● Empowerment Workshops (bullying awareness, growth mindset, environmental awareness,

mental health awareness)