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Navigating through online learning in the safety of your own home!

MeLor Bubbles

Considering Home Schooling This Year?

Deciding to keep your children home this school year is not an easy decision to make. Clearly, there is no right or wrong choice!

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a world of uncertainty, leaving parents fearful of what the school year will now look like. With no intentions to reduce class sizes, many parents have made the difficult decision to keep their children safe at home.

What Are MeLor Bubbles?

We have expanded our services by introducing “MeLor Bubbles”, an in-home schooling support service to assist your children during these difficult times.

MeLor Bubbles has your child’s best interests at heart! While being taught by specialized Educators, MeLor Bubbles will provide a safe and structured environment to best support your child in the safety of their own home.

Benefits of MeLor Bubbles

Your child/children will be learning with specialized Educators in the comfort of their home.

Studying remotely with an experienced Educator will allow your child/children to acquire the best possible learning outcomes.

By limiting the number of participants in the learning process will decrease the possible spread of Covid-19 virus.

N.B. If working from home, parents are encouraged to separate themselves from their children. As students are learning, it is important to help create a strong sense of structure and normality, one similar to an actual classroom.

How does it work?

Each family is perfectly matched with their very own MeLor Educator. Following a structured, well-balanced daily schedule, the MeLor Bubble will navigate through home-schooling, following the Ontario curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education.

For families that have registered for online learning, the Ministry of Education, via your child/children's school, will be providing them with an online daily learning platform (often Google Classroom, Bright Space or Microsoft Teams). A Virtual teacher and a structured schedule will be provided by the school.

For scenarios such as the one above, where you have registered your child for online learning, MeLor Bubbles will assist your child/children on a daily basis – with any and all technical support and to maintain a well-rounded online learning experience-to ensure that they are following appropriate routines.

Covid-19 Health and Saftey Protocols

The health and safety of your child/children and our team members is our top priority!

Establishing your MeLor Bubble means that together we are creating a secure cohort, limiting the chances of an outbreak. For this reason, families are not allowed to merge with other families (we will consider implementing “merging of families” as the school year carries on, depending on the rate of infection or spread of Covid-19 in our community).

All families and Melor Educators are required to self-screen every day before attending the MeLor Bubble

Hand hygiene will be highly enforced throughout the day.

We ask that hand sanitizer be available for children.

MeLor staff will be provided with Personal Protective Equipment (gloves and masks). It is up to the discretion of the families and MeLor Educators when and how often to use PPE.

All and any Covid-19 related symptoms must be reported to Public Health.

 How to Create Your MeLor Bubble

Securing your MeLor Bubble is simple!

Step 1: Register with MeLor

Email [email protected] to receive your registration package

Step 2: Create your Bubble

MeLor operates 24/7, simply call or text your request to 416.722.7446

Step 3: Enjoy the benefits of your Bubble

Once your Educator is confirmed, your bubble is officially created! 

TEXT "BUBBLES" TO (416) 722 7446