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Bringing fun into the classroom for all ages!

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 Would you like to enhance your science curriculum? MeLor Inc. takes great pride in providing educational workshops. Our workshops range from Cooking, Yoga, to Sewing. Hands-on  workshops for kids that teach real life skills. 

It's like taking a field trip without ever leaving the classroom!

Cooking Workshop

Cucina Mauro

Cucina Mauro is a fantastic new workshop that is catered specifically to your Centre. The workshops focus around cooking authentic Italian cuisine — allowing the children to have hands-on involvement while learning important life skills and tasting delicious food! 

Curriculum Options

Fresh Pasta & Sauce

The children will learn to make pasta dough before rolling it out on a traditional pasta machine while preparing some traditional tomato sauce to enjoy with the pasta at the end of the class.


The children will learn how to make pizza dough, stretch it and top it, and then bake it.


Traditional Sicilian rice balls. Children will enjoy rolling them into balls and stuffing them with mozzarella before coating them in breadcrumbs.


The children will learn how to make cannoli shells from scratch and the filling and will then have fun using piping bags to fill the shells. 

Fresh Mozzarella

The children will see how mozzarella is made from scratch, starting with nothing but milk, and they will get their hands in on the action by stretching the milk curds into beautiful fresh mozzarella balls.


The children will help stir the polenta as it cooks and will then use cookie cutters to shape it into fun shapes before it is fried up for them to enjoy. 

For more information, give us a call!

Yoga Workshop


A little bit about Fiona...

Fiona has been an Early Childhood Educator for twenty-three years!

She’s in good standings with the College of Early Childhood Educators and has completed and received certification for 95 hours of in-person training with Young Yoga Masters. Fiona's inspiration is her grandson, she wanted him and other children to say confidently to themselves and to others, “I Am Enough 2.”


Together, we can foster teachable moments, as the children engage in

Health - Mindfulness - Wellness - Yoga activities that include but are not limited to.

Areas of focus will be:

    • Acceptance
    • Building Trust
    • Confidence
    • Connection
    • Friendship
    • Kindness
    • Open Hearts
    • Perseverance
    • Self-Love
    • Strength
    • Support
    • Team Work
    • And So Much More!

Together, let us make a difference as we provide the children with feasible tools to regulate their emotions and interactions with others.

Soar with Yoga focuses on 4 simple words/techniques: Breath, Listen, and Say Something. Children need to know and comprehend that “They Are Enough 2.”

So, this outcome can ONLY be, if you partner with ME – Soar with Yoga!

Don't wait! Call for more info! 

Sewing Classes

Denise Wild's Sewing Studio

Denis Wild's Sewing Studio is a specialty program like you’ve never seen before — a dynamic, engaging sewing workshop that breaks the creative mould! The Sewing Studio’s stereotype-busting team helps students succeed, teaching kids (starting as young as 4 years old!) how to sew with a focus on confidence, mindfulness, equity, and inclusion.

Mentors guide each child through comfortably using a sewing machine and completing a project from start to finish — all while motivating and inspiring kids, helping them gain confidence, and helping them develop their growth mindset.

Not only does sewing get kids hands-on and help them flex their creative muscles, it also helps them feel joyful, mindful, and focused. We're bringing back a lost art, teaching a valuable life skill, and changing the face of sewing.

When you bring this specialty workshop to your day care, Denise Wild's Sewing Studio brings to your children:

                    • Energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration
                    • A team of four (or more) highly skilled mentors

Don't wait! Call for more info! 

Gymnastics Workshop


Why Choose Monkey Movers?!

Simple...... We come to you! Our fun physical literacy activities are brought to your location for your kiddos to enjoy. We provide convenient, hassle-free onsite solutions for all of our clients.

We attend schools, childcare centers, and camps on a weekly, bi weekly, monthly, and annual basis providing top-notch gymnastics, dance, and fitness classes to children ages 1-10 years old on our enjoyable and unique Gym Bus. We create a fun, non-competitive, safe, and encouraging environment where children can unleash their full potential.

We also offer physical literacy activities that will promote motor development and set kids’ foundation to succeed in ALL sports.

The Gym Bus

The Gym Bus classes take place in a 40-ft retrofitted school bus. It has padded walls and has different gymnastic equipment, such as:

      • Climbing Bars
      • Balance Beams
      • Mini Trampoline
      • Single Bar
      • And More

We accommodate children aged 18 months to 10 years old, and our bus has space for up to 16 kids in a 30- to 60-minute class.

We aim to introduce gymnastics through organized games and circuits. The classes consist of light stretching and a warm-up game. The children will rotate through a variety of challenging and creative instructional gymnastic circuits. In the end, there will be an organized game that will help them cool down.

Our programs give chance to students to have a new environment and be more physically literate without taking up too much space in your area. These will also help them recharge before their classroom activities.

The Gym Bus operates all year round! With no transportation required, our students will surely feel comfortable, especially with the heater and air conditioner installed in the bus.

Monkey Movers Academy

We offer classes and extra-curricular programs that follow the Health and Physical Education (HPE) and Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines (OPHEA). Our curriculum has different monthly themes and is structured with progressive lessons. The skills are taught step-by-step, from the easiest to the more advanced ones.

At the end of each session, a full-detailed progress report that showcases their development is handed to the participants. Then, they prepare a dance performance for their family and friends.

Gym Bus Workshops

If you are looking for a unique on-site field trip that can entertain your students, then your search ends here! Gym Bus offers a wide range of activities, including customized ones, to meet your school, day care, camp, and special event needs.

Classes may take place in your day care centre, school gymnasium, or classroom. We can set up in an area as small as 300 sq. ft.


Mindful Little Things

Mindful Little Things is a children’s wellness program created to promote healthy childhood development through yoga, art, and mindfulness activities.

Our Vision

  • Support and teach children how to recognize and regulate their emotions
  • Engage and encourage kindness, respect, and healthy connections to oneself and others
  • Encourage positive thinking, support the development of a growth mindset, and improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Provide children with play experiences that foster coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and muscle development
  • Inspire the future generation to be kind, confident, and resilient humans

Programs Offered

  • Creative Expression Workshops (creative writing, expressive dance, jewelry making, canvas painting, collaging and multimedia, mandala making)
  • Empowerment Workshops (bullying awareness, growth mindset, environmental awareness, mental health awareness)


About Our Programs

Movement, connection, and expression — these are the three deeply rooted principles that guide our programs.

  • Movement: Yoga leads children to regulate their behaviour, relax, focus, and listen to their bodies. It allows them to be naturally present while feeling empowered, supported, and safe in a non-judgmental and non-competitive space. We aim to foster healthy and life-long habits through yoga. Through our programs, we are also able to spread mindful practices that support children’s mental, emotional, and physical development.
  • Connection: Everyone has their own perception of the world. For children, their perceptions grow as they do. This provides them opportunity to explore freely and at the same time, connect with themselves and the world around them. It also gives them an authentic and gentle guidance.
  • We deeply promote global awareness, positive relationships, self-regulation, and character development through our programs.
  • Expression: The children’s ability to naturally create, play, and imagine encourages them to think outside the box and trust their ideas. These processes develop identity formation and self-discovery.
  • In this program, we aim to support their playing, foster their imagination, and stimulate their creativity through meaningful experiences that let their unique soul shine.

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