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MeLor has paired up with Cucina Mauro!

Cucina Mauro is a fantastic new workshop that is catered specifically to your Centre.

The workshops focus around cooking authentic Italian cuisine!

 Allowing the children to have hands-on ​involvement while learning important life skills and tasting delicious food! 

Curriculum Options:

 Fresh Pasta & Sauce 

The children will learn to make pasta dough before rolling it out on a

traditional pasta machine, while preparing some traditional tomato

sauce to enjoy with the pasta at the end of the class.


 The children will learn how to make pizza dough, stretch it and top it,

and then bake it.


Traditional Sicilian rice balls. Children will enjoy rolling them into balls

and stuffing them with mozzarella before coating them in



The children will learn how to make cannoli shells from scratch and

the filling and will them have fun using piping bags to fill the shells. 

Fresh Mozzarella

The children will see how mozzarella is made from scratch, starting

with nothing but milk and they will get their hands in on the action by

stretching the milk curds into beautiful fresh mozzarella balls


The children will help stir the polenta as it cooks and will then use

cookie cutters to shape it into fun shapes before it is fried up for them

to enjoy. 

For more information, give us a call!